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Tribal Tech takes pride in our talented team of dedicated professionals who work hard to bring top-quality consulting services with continuous outreach to diverse, under-served communities.

  • Expertise in Indian Country – We have a unique cultural understanding of the populations we serve

  • Focused and dedicated leadershipNumerous accolades attest to the strength of our team

  • Diverse and dynamic staff – We take great pride in furthering the missions of our clients

We are dedicated to improving the lives of those who benefit from the services of our clients.

Who we are

Our Services

Training and Technical Assistance

Our unique cultural understanding of the populations we serve sets us apart from the competition.

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Grants Administration and Peer Review

Our extensive experience in grants management spans across multiple federal agencies.

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Logistics and Event Planning

We have a wealth of experience and expertise in planning and managing in-person and virtual meetings.

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Evaluation and Planning

We are a trusted partner in collecting analyzing both quantitative and qualitative data.

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Program Management

We aim to achieve enhanced performance through proactive planning and solid communications.

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Marketing and Communications

Our team understands the importance of an effective marketing strategy and communication plan.

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Our Clients

U.S. Department of Energy

Tribal Tech has provided a wide variety of services to clients within the Department of Energy, including:

  • Developing a strategy to increase minority business participation in large-scale energy projects through outreach activities, advocacy, and partnerships

  • Organizing and facilitating conferences ranging from 30 to 400 people to provide opportunities for meaningful communication and participation with interested members of communities, governments, and the public

  • Facilitating communication between the Department and intergovernmental groups, tribal groups, and the public through both traditional and non-traditional methods from meeting planning to webinars and social media

Tribal Tech’s experience with the Department of Energy has allowed us to develop both depth and breadth of expertise in the field of energy.

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U.S. Department of Education

With several long-term contracts with the Department of Education, Tribal Tech has successfully performed a range of services that include:

  • Providing meeting services, technical assistance, and other supports to improve college- and career-readiness of American Indian/Alaska Native students

  • Supporting peer review logistics to manage grants for native language education programs

  • Securing participation of BIE schools in a national study of student academic achievement in reading and mathematics

Our history of work in Indian education has had a meaningful impact on students across the country.

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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Tribal Tech has more than five years of experience working the Department of Health and Human Services, providing critical services such as:

  • Helping grant recipients shape and implement effective strategies to reduce the impact of substance use and misuse and mental illness on American Indian/Alaska Native youth and their communities

  • Providing training and technical assistance to AI/AN communities using a culturally relevant, evidence-based, holistic approach to supporting native self-determination efforts

  • Monitoring and administering approximately 100 federal program grant projects through budget management, peer review panel sessions, application review, technical assistance, and other services

Tribal Tech relies on a team of dedicated, passionate professionals with years of experience in the field of health and wellness who recognize the importance of culturally relevant approaches to supporting communities.

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U.S. Office of Personnel Management

Our experience with the Office of Personnel Management includes:

  • Implementing campaign marketing support, event planning, and employee training for the world’s largest workplace giving program

  • Promoting and supporting philanthropy through an employee-focused, cost-efficient giving program that spans the entire United States and beyond

Tribal Tech staff operate with transparency at all times for complete accountability in our work for the Office of Personnel Management.

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U.S. Department of Labor

Our work at the Department of Labor includes:

  • Helping grantees develop the capacity to provide better employment and training services to their communities

  • Supporting “peer-to-peer” training in which grantees can receive technical support from other, more experienced grantees at Native American conferences

Our experience in event planning, grants administration, and logistical support have prepared Tribal Tech for work with the Department of Labor.

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Tribal Tech TA Center

In July 2018, Tribal Tech founded a Technical Assistance Center to provide American Indian/Alaska Native tribes and tribally based communities with training and technical assistance tailored to the needs of their communities. We provide these services by:

  • Communicating with tribes and tribally based communities to reach an individual agreement about the best TTA services for their goals based on their specific needs

  • Implementing virtual and onsite technical assistance related to grants they’ve received or capacity building for their organization

  • Tailoring our services to ensure TTA is culturally informed and relevant to the community’s larger goals

Tribal Tech has provided these services through our contracts for over six years, but we are excited to work directly with these communities to meet their needs.

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As a subcontractor in several major contracts, Tribal Tech has contributed to a range of work including:

  • Providing technical assistance and building community capacity to effectively respond to the needs of victims of human trafficking

  • Serving as subject matter experts in Native American culture and providing meeting planning and logistics support for emergency management services

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