Program Analyst

October 14, 2020

Cowan & Associates, Inc. (C&A), founded in 2000, a Native American, woman owned small business headquartered in Alexandria, has a position for an OPNAV N953 Program Analyst. Please forward your resume to the company’s President, Bob Milligan,, at Cowan & Associates who is looking to hire a Program Analyst to provide support in the following functional areas: (1) POM/PPBE Assessment, (2) Action Officer/Requirements Officer (AO/RO) Support, and (3) Program and Quantitative Analyst Support.  The Program Analyst will support OPNAV N953 responsibilities.

Program Analyst will provide support in the following functional areas: (1) POM/PPBE Assessment, (2) Action Officer/Requirements Officer (AO/RO) Support, and (3) Program and Quantitative Analyst Support.  The Program Analyst will support OPNAV N953 responsibilities.

Responsibilities: Candidates will provide support services required to facilitate overall objectives for OPNAV N953.  The support will require direct liaison with requirements officers and program managers across the OPNAV organization as well as SEA 21/TEAM Ships and other DoN stakeholders in support of the development and refinement of Amphibious Ship modernization, maintenance, and readiness programs and policies.  An in-depth, working knowledge of existing and evolving tools and decisions support systems employed within the enterprise will directly contribute to this objective.  Among the tasks the successful candidate will be able to:

  • Identify, analyze & document efficiencies for presentation to Amphibious Program Offices, Surface Warfare Enterprise (SWE), Spares committee & assigned action groups, & during IPT/OIPT/DAB.
  • Review processes and provide input for Surface Warfare Enterprise (SWE) Surface Board and SWE Executive Committee (EXCOMM), as well as, Surface TYCOM Advisory Review Board (STARBOARD).
  • Gather information, identify issues & draft documentation to achieve overall goals for system strategic planning, Amphibious Ship Maintenance, Modernization, Readiness, and Sparing.
  • Provide information papers, briefing slides, & oral briefings at completion of each phase of research processes, each phase of Amphibious Combatant C5I requirements development process, N95 Spares development & Amphibious Ship Maintenance development processes.
  • Perform cost/benefit & economic analysis of amphibious ship procurement & long-range N95 Spares plan.
  • Prepare individual program briefs, reports, documents & presentations as well as draft portfolio resourcing plans for all In-service Amphibious Ship Maintenance, Modernization, Readiness issues in response to program requirements, and urgent operation needs for LHD 1 Class, LHA 6 /D 8 Class, LPD 17 Class, LSD 41/49 Class, & ESB ships.
  • Analyze/evaluate planning, development, approval, monitoring, execution & briefing of procurement/contractual documentation & N95 Spares program, Amphibious Maintenance requirement, Gate reviews, JCIDS documents, procurement, & contractual documents.
  • Provide tracking of all Amphibious Ship Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Maintenance availabilities, & Modernization schedules, N95 Spares budgetary accounts, & new ESB ship construction & delivery schedules.
  • Provide lead coordination in support of developing N95 Spares & Amphibious Ship Maintenance and Modernization requirement strategy planning, pre-acquisition & acquisition strategy planning & implementation for in-service & new-construction amphibious ships.
  • Analyze obligations & expenditures, maintain forecasts, prepare reports on status & availability of funds, & assist with development, & review execution year funding efforts.
  • Download and compare PBIS downloads to track changes in Amphibious Ship Maintenance, Modernization, and Ship Operations funding levels.
  • Research and provide the delta between the POM requirements and the current BES budget submission with respect to Amphibious Ship Operations (1B1B), and Amphibious Ship Maintenance (1B4B) accounts.

Required Skills:  Ten (10) years of general experience highlighting project management, analyzing data and formulating conclusions from data analysis, complex problem solving, and organizational planning, management, and development. Specifically, knowledge is required in the following areas: Experience supporting the OPNAV Staff/PPBE process; understanding Ship Maintenance, Ship Operations, Ship Support, and Fleet Manpower and Training.


Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, business, law, engineering, physical science or management discipline such as business administration, accounting, finance, economics or a management information technology encouraged.

Clearance: DOD Secret clearance

About Tribal Tech, LLC:

We are an American Indian woman-owned small business, founded to provide Training and Technical Assistance, Grants Administration and IT Services to federal, state, tribal and corporate clients. Our guiding principles of “People, Performance, and Partnership” embody an environment where our employees can flourish and our clients may fully benefit from our capabilities. 

Equal Opportunity Employer/Veterans/Disabled