Tribal Tech Staff Participates in Men’s Gathering to Combat Domestic Violence

August 13, 2019

Tribal Tech Staff member Gary Neumann participated in an important and inaugural event in Juneau, Alaska titled the Men’s Gathering – Beyond the Man Box. The gathering was well attended, mostly by men, and focused on identifying, analyzing, and formulating strategies on how to heal the underlying issues and trauma that men face in regard to the culture of toxic masculinity. One of the primary goals of the Men’s Gathering was to bring men together to discuss these topics, especially as they relate to their respective communities and how they can begin to address domestic violence and sexual assault. The event organizers are planning a second event to be held in Anchorage, AK later this year. More details on the event can be found in an online feature by KTVA. External links are below.

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Watch the feature event video below. External link and video courtesy of KTVA Juneau.

Watch the post-event interview below. External link and video courtesy of KTVA Juneau.