Junior Program Analyst

April 9, 2020

Cowan & Associates, Inc. (C&A), a subsidiary of Tribal Tech, LLC, a Native American, woman-owned, small business, headquartered in Alexandria, VA, has a position opening for a Junior Program Analyst for OPNAV N9I Shipbuilding and Conversion, Navy (SCN).

This position will provide support in the following functional areas: (1) POM Assessment, (2) Action Officer/Requirements Officer (AO/RO) Support, and (3) Program and Quantitative Analyst Support. The Junior Program Analyst will support OPNAV N9I responsibilities.  Please forward your resume to the company’s President, Bob Milligan at Cowan & Associates, bob.milligan@cowanassociates.net.

Program Objective Memorandum (POM) Assessment

  1. Research and prepare budget analysis, reports and supporting documentation.
  2. Interface with OPNAV Staff, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Budget (FMB), Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, and Acquisition (ASN RDA), Program Executive Offices and others to collect, assess, analyze, interpret, and collate POM and other budget data and justification information to support shipbuilding programs.
  3. Provide technical liaison with NAVSEA’s Cost Engineering office (SEA O5C) for ship cost estimating and refinement of Navy Force Affordability Model or similar model for shipbuilding plan cost estimates.

 Action Officer (AO)/Requirements Officer (RO) Support

  1. Coordinate and provide responses and or information to various ad hoc requests requiring quick turn-around. The ability to analyze the credibility of planning estimates through comparative analysis is a qualification.
  2. Participate in briefings and meetings and prepare minutes, briefing materials, program metrics, and graphs in support of shipbuilding programs and technical discussions. Maintain a library of historical program briefings and briefing materials.
  3. Prepare draft spreadsheets, reports, and conduct analysis for short- and long-range budget requirements. Prepare PowerPoint presentations to reflect analysis.
  4. Research and analyze congressional staff or other reports as it relates to shipbuilding programs and provide written summaries and budget analysis.
  5. Track the status of shipbuilding programs through the congressional budget process and monitor emerging congressional issues, which have potential to impact shipbuilding programs.
  6. Provide background information to congressionally related internal Department of Defense and Department of the Navy requests in preparation for interaction with Congress (i.e., Questions for the Record (QFR), Request for Information (RFI), Hearing Fact Sheets, Request for Briefs (RFBs), Reports to Congress (RTCs), and Information Requests (IFRs)).
  7. Provide information on relevant news articles regarding shipbuilding and inactive ship programs and provide written summaries daily or as required.
  8. Research and draft technically based briefing point papers, critical issues papers and strategic concept documents tailored for a general or specific audience.
  9. Provide critical research and analysis of technological, financial and political issues and trends that are likely to influence shipbuilding programs and budgets.
  10. Provide executive summaries for the Congressional Research Services (CRS), Congressional Budget Office (CBO), and the Government Accounting Office (GAO).
  11. Provide research and analysis on changes to shipbuilding and battle force management and the resultant impact to current guidance and instructions which provide policy and govern the process.
  12. Analyze and update SCN-related guidance.
  13. Assist in the preparation, review, and development of the type and scope of surveys to be conducted for ships placed in the inactive inventory.
  14. Track the status of inactive ship programs through the congressional budget process and monitor emerging congressional issues, which have potential to impact inactive ship programs.
  15. Assist in the preparation and execution of the Annual Ship Inactivation Decision (SID) and Ship Disposition Review (SDR) conferences.
  16. Provide support in producing ship inventory reports to include the Ships Annual Supplemental Data Tables Report, CNO Monthly Ceremonial Report, CNO Monthly Ship Level Report, Daily Ship Count Report, the Congressional Research Services Report, Naval Visibility and Management of Operating and Support Costs Report, Standard Data Collection System, the Transparency in Armaments and Global Exchange of Military Information Submission Report and other related reports.

Program and Quantitative Analyst Support

  1. Assist the SCN Manager with excursions, forecasting, and overall evaluation of shipbuilding plan alternatives using Force Acquisition and Inventory Model (FAIM).  Produce budget waterfalls and shipbuilding slash plans.
  2. Provide the SCN Manager with reports and analysis of the Navy’s force structure (both current and future) contained in the Naval Vessel Registry using the Integrated Ship Management Information System (ISMIS) database.
  3. Assist in the preparation, review, and defense of the annual SCN Review including a detailed re-evaluation of budgetary cost estimates and Estimates at Completion (EACs).
  4. Provide analytical support to the Navy SCN Appropriation Manager for alternative shipbuilding option development and for long-range shipbuilding planning.
  5. Provide research, analysis, and liaison with shipbuilding model managers in validating the battle force inventory spreadsheets and databases.
  6. Assist in the preparation, review, and analysis of appropriate instructions and other directives covering reporting requirements, assignments, reclassification, removal and reinstatement of inactive vessels.
  7. Assist in the preparation, review, and development of battle force ship counting procedures.
  8. Assess processes involved with developing and documenting processes affecting the Navy’s Ship Inactivation Program.
  9. Provide assessments involving process improvement, policy and procedures associated with Naval Vessel Registry (NVR) and Long-Range Shipbuilding Strategy.

Information Technology (IT) Support

  1. Provide support to the Integrated Ship Management Information System (ISMIS) manager.  Assist in maintaining a current, accurate, and uniform ship inventory by analyzing and validating Navy battle force ships and making database updates in response to official notifications.
  2. Monitor the Congressional Information Management System (CIMS) database daily for SCN assigned tasks and ensure proper routing to the appropriate action individuals.

Administrative and Clerical Support

  1. Maintain an event calendar keyed to the annual OPNAV budget cycle and important activities of interest to shipbuilding programs.
  2. Maintain a library of all shipbuilding programs Defense Acquisition Executive Summary (DAES, Selected Acquisition Report (SAR), President’s Budget Exhibits to support FMB, Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), and President’s Budget submittals and other pertinent information as required.
  3. Maintain integrated assessment summary and historical record for each force structure option developed and analyzed.
  4. Maintain the shipbuilding planning historical archives.

Minimum Qualifications:

Education – Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, business, law, engineering, physical science or management discipline such as business administration, accounting, finance, economics or a management information technology.

Minimum Qualifications:

Experience – Five (5) years of general experience in a specific area related to the aforementioned education background.  Specifically, knowledge is required in the following areas: Acquisition or Technical Shipbuilding/Maintenance, shipbuilding programs, variety of ship and/or landing craft, Joint Capabilities Integration & Development System (JCIDS) and Surface Warfare.

About Tribal Tech, LLC:

We are an American Indian woman-owned small business, founded to provide Training and Technical Assistance, Grants Administration and IT Services to federal, state, tribal and corporate clients. Our guiding principles of “People, Performance, and Partnership” embody an environment where our employees can flourish and our clients may fully benefit from our capabilities. 

Equal Opportunity Employer/Veterans/Disabled